Best Dab Rigs & Concentrate Rigs

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Types Of Dab Rigs

What type of concentrate rigs is the best?
We carry a variety of dab rig types from all of our brands, a few of these types are:

    • Traditional Glass Rig
    • Mini Rig
    • Silicone Rig
    • Recycler Rig
    • Honey Straw
    • E-Rig

What Are Dab Rigs Used For?

Dab rigs are perfect for consuming oils, hash, rosin, and other refined cannabis products like shatter. As mentioned, dab rigs can resemble a small bong. They are usually made from glassware, but there are many types of hardware available. There are some great custom set-ups for dabbing enthusiasts wanting to enhance the dabbing experience. However, for those who are just getting started, there are kits containing everything needed to set up a dab rig.

How Does A Dab Rig Work?

A dab rig is a small bong-like contraption that vaporizes hash, oils, shatter, or rosin. This is a stark difference from the combustion process that happens when smoking a bowl or a joint. It is important to get the temperatures right when you dab, but there are a few other things to consider before you start heating up your banger.

Nails and bangers

Bangers also referred to as nails, are the part of the rig is where the action happens. This is where the hash, rosin, or shatter is added. A good quality banger should be made of heat-resistant material because it needs to be able to withstand very high temperatures. The ideal temperature for vaporizing dabs is around 175 Celsius (~350 Fahrenheit) for ideal dabbing.

Electric nails are a great option for convenient dab sessions.

Carb Cap

A carb cap is basically a lid. It too needs to be made from heat-resistant material. The purpose of the carb cap is to lower the pressure in the banger to make the vaporizing process more efficient.

Blow Torch

The preferred heating device for dabbers is a butane blow torch. It would be very difficult to g

et the desired temperatures using a lighter, so a blow torch is the easiest way to get the banger up to temp.


The implement is used to introduce the hash, rosin, or whatever refined cannabis product you are dabbing. Dabbers are usually made from glass or metal that can withstand high temperatures.

Terp Pearl

These little balls of greatness disturb the oils during the vaporization process. Typically made from glass or quartz, terp pearls whizz around the banger when the dabber inhales. This disturbance makes sure to get the most out of the highly concentrated cannabis products.